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Advertising in the cinema

It’s the best time to start with cinema advertising!

  • The only medium that is able to completely engage all senses of the recipient.
  • Moviegoers see and hear the advert, may touch the products, smell it or taste it.
  • Our modern multi-cinema network guarantees first-rate experience for all target groups.
  • Perfect spatial DOLBY DIGITAL SURROUND EX sound, big screens, that pull the moviegoers directly into the action, air-conditioned rooms, comfortable seats, the atmosphere of the cinema and the smell of popcorn have an irreplaceable charm.
  • Hot news of global cinematography.


  • the number 1 in Slovakia
  • up to 15 multi-cinemas in whole Slovakia + 1-room cinemas, a total of almost 60 screens
  • 9,834 seats (only in multi-cinemas)
  • almost 2 million admissions per year (only in multi-cinemas)
  • the best overview of what’s happening in the cinematic world
  • most favourable production of spots on the market


a great variety of activities in the cinema off screen:

  • handing out leaflets and client’s product samples
  • placement of 2D media - citylights, A1, B1 areas, floor and toilet mirror stickers, branding hall and others
  • placement of 3D media - stands, totems, tables, promo stalls, digital signage, tastings, product demonstration
  • and much more...


  • spot placement into advertising blocks or directly before the movie.

Don’t hesitate to turn to us in case of any questions or requests: