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Inovații în materie de tehnologie

ULTRA-X - experiență cinematografică maximă la Cinemax

Sistemul actual de proiecție Ultra-X de la Cinemax înglobează două tehnologii de ultimă generație: Dolby Atmos și 4K. Cele două contribuie la crearea unei senzații cinematografice la superlativ prin imaginea clară care oferă o experiență vizuală realistă și prin sunetele în mișcare ce par că te înconjoară din toate direcțiile.



Dolby Atmos - the most perfect sound system in the cinema

You need flawless sound in order to create a perfect movie experience. We are aware of this so we equipped our screening rooms with the Dolby Atmos sound system to please even the most demanding movie gourmets. It’s currently at the top of audio technology for cinemas. The sound surrounds you, engulfs you and you forget where you are.

4K - even higher resolution

The picture projected on a screen is made up of a lot of tiny squares - pixels. The standard in cinemas is 2K, however, at CINEMAX BORY we decided to push the limits further to 4K.

Premium Plus - seats with the best field of vision

Seats differentiated by colour that are bigger than regular ones and offer more legroom. Higher headrests are appropriate even for the tallest moviegoers. They are placed at the best angle to the screen so that you can enjoy the movie just as the filmmakers intended you to.

VIP - luxury seats even for most demanding moviegoers

Leather seats with built-in tablets on which you can order snacks directly to the screening room. Make yourself comfortable, put your feet up on the ottoman, sip the welcome drink, order snacks and enjoy the MAXIMUM MOVIE EXPERIENCE.

The fourth dimension of the movie

4D-BOX - seat movement is synchronised with the action on the screen. To create this unique experience you need a team of talented motion designers. They design and programme every single motion so that it matches the action and emotions taking place on the screen.

Uită de grija parcării atunci când vii la CINEMAX.

Cumpără-ți bilet la oricare film din programul cinematografului Cinemax și beneficiezi de două ore gratuite de parcare. Ai în plus alte două ore bonus din partea Veranda Mall, pentru a te bucura de o sesiune de shopping prelungit.

* Please note, that IMAX and DOLBY ATMOS technologies may have a negative impact on people with hearing problems or with sensitive hearing and we therefore do not recommend it to such visitors.

** Please note, that the D-BOX technology may have a negative impact on sensitive people, people with musculoskeletal and heart disorders, and pregnant women and we therefore do not recommend it to such visitors.