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Movies screened in IMAX are completely transformable

into this format in order to please even the most demanding audience. The picture has about 60% higher brightness and 40% higher contrast that creates crystal-clear and realistic pictures that will take your breath away - so be careful!

IMAX 3D experience

Combining the IMAX 3D projection technology with the wider field of vision in the IMAX room makes your experience from a 3D movie much more intensive than in regular screening rooms. 3D pictures (creatures as well as inanimate objects) are jumping at you from the screen and you feel like they are breathing directly into your face. The basis of this technology are two independent projectors that are simultaneously sending two different pictures onto a special silver coated screen with higher reflectivity. IMAX 3D glasses divide the image so that both eyes - left and right - perceive it from different angles. The brain joins these images into one and creates a fully realistic 3D experience.

IMAX offers these three types of movies:

  • Hollywood blockbusters: cooperation with many ambitious professional film producers in order to turn their spectacular titles into IMAX blockbusters.
  • Documentary: IMAX documentaries will carry you into the deep wide ocean, to peaks of mountains reaching to the sky, into outer space or surround you with nature and various creatures living there.
  • Local movies: IMAX cooperates with local directors in regions that have a long filmmaking tradition and their movies could be processed into the IMAX format.